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3 & 4 February 2024

Urogenital Tumors in Cats & Dogs:
What if it doesn't go with the flow?


Topics in Veterinary Oncology is an onsite & online congress on Small Animal Clinical Oncology

Topics in Veterinary Oncology (formerly ONCOlogisch Treffen or the Dutch International

Veterinary Oncology Conference) has been organized for the past 18 years

The congress' subject is always centered around 1 topicThis can be: 

an organ system (GI, respiratory, skin...),

a tumor type (neuro-endocrine, soft tissue sarcomas...),

a species (feline) or

a presentation (emergency oncology). 

The subject is always discussed in-depth by:

a medical oncologist,

a surgical oncologist,

a radiotherapist,

a diagnostic imager


a pathologist (if applicable).

Read all about our former congresses here:

H E R E' S   S O M E   F O O T A G E   F R O M   L A S T   Y E A R' S   C O N G R E S S 



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Preliminary program

day 1, Saturday 3 February 2024

chairpeople: dr. Joachim Proot & dr. Ruth Fortrie (both dipl.ECVS)


08.30 Registration & coffee

09.00 Congress opening

Session on Tumors of the Upper Urinary Tract

09.15 Overview of tumors of upper urinary tract

medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt


09.35 Renal and ureteral tumors, radiologists point-of-view

radiologist: dr. Susanne Boroffka

10.00 Surgical removal of upper urinary tract tumors

surgeon: dr. Jonathan Bray


10.15  Coffee break

10.45  SUB placement for malignant indications 

interventional radiologist: dr. Gerard McLauchlan

11.25 Medical treatment for renal & ureteral tumors, options & prognosis

medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt


11.45  Time for questions & panel discussion 

all speakers


12.00  Lunch


13.15   Key-note lecture on 'Neoadjuvant immunochemotherapy in urinary bladder cancer

professor Joost Boormans (MD), Erasmus Hospital Rotterdam

Session on Bladder & Urethral tumors

14.00 Lower urinary tract tumors, an overview

medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt


14.30  Bladder & urethral cancers, a radiologist's view

radiologist: dr. Susanne Boroffka

15.00  Coffee break

15.30   Bladder & urethral tumors, surgical treatment options

interventionalist dr. Gerard McLaughlan

16.15   Medical options & prognosis for lower urinary tract tumors

Medical oncologist dr. Jarno Schmidt

16.45  Time for questions & panel discussion

17.15   Drinks at the bar offered by the Collaborative Veterinary Cancer Centers

19.00  Dinner

21.00  Live Music

day 2, Sunday 4 February 2024

chairpeople: dr. Joachim Proot & dr. Ruth Fortrie (both dipl. ECVS)


08.30    Welcome & coffee

Session on Prostatic Tumors    

09.00   Prostatic disease

Medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt

  • Benign & malignant processes, role of hormones, tumor markers cfr. human?

09.15   Prostatic disease, a radiologist's overview

Radiologist: dr. Susanne Boroffka

  • Ultrasound features, differential diagnosis, metastatic pattern: where to look for them?

09.45 Surgical options for prostatic tumors

Surgeon: dr. Jonathan Bray

  • Conventional surgery techniques(sub)total prostatectomy

10.15   Coffee break

10.45  Interventional surgery techniques

Interventional radiologist: dr. Gerard McLauchlan

  • Prostatic embolisation

11.30  Medical treatment options for prostatic cancer

Medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt

11.45   Time for questions & panel discussion

all speakers

12.00   Lunch

Session on genital tract tumors

13.00  Overview of genital tract tumors

Medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt

  • Ovarian tumors and their paraneoplastic syndromes, uterine and vaginal tumors, testicular tumors, penile cancer

13.30  Surgery of genital tracts tumors

Surgeon: dr. Jonathan Bray

  • Radical vaginectomy, penile surgery, urethrostomy types, amputation, reconstruction of the preputium, post-surgery follow-up,

14.15   Panel discussion

Different dog breeds: guidelines, discussion with the audience

14.30   Coffee break

Session on mammary gland tumors

15.00  Mammary Gland Tumors

Medical oncologist: dr. Jarno Schmidt

15.20   Updates on Mammary gland tumours

Surgeon: dr. Jonathan Bray

  • Radical mastectomy vs mammectomy vs nodulectomy

15.40   Time for questions & panel discussion & 2-3 CASES

16.00   Closing ceremony


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As always, congress center is 'Kontakt der Kontinenten' in Soesterberg, close to Utrecht.

Your hotel accommodation can be booked on the congress center's website or directly on this booking link

There's a large parking lot with charging options for EVs.

Kontakt der Kontinenten_edited.jpg


The early bird ends 31st November 2023 at midnight !

Full 2-day congress

on-site and/or online

and/or on-demand

It doesn't matter whether you wish:

  • to attend onsite,

  • follow the congress online,

  • or even split and take a day onsite and a day online,

  • or follow everything on-demand at your own pace in the months to come

Saturday evening 


Great choice of dinner at the congress center buffet. In a nice atmosphere you can enjoy good food and drinks together with colleagues from all over Europe, exchange ideas and have fun after a day of gathering knowledge. 

The food type is 'world kitchen'.

You will be redirected to the congress website of Yellenge, our partner in online streaming, video capture and congress organisation
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